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An infinite number of psychotic rabbits typed on an infinite number of computers and created what you see here

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Crime Bombing

View UK crime stats for your area in a number of different formats.

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I Eat Txt Filez

What does this do then? Copy and paste some text into the box and click the 'eat txt file' button. Once the it has been eaten you can

  • Speed read the text
  • word count
  • Sentence count
  • Average sentence length
  • Number of unique words
  • Lexical density of your document
  • Ability to highlight sentences which contain numbers (Amazing I know), click the red button with the hash (#) in it
  • View a colour coded version of your document highlighting which sentences it considers to be long/short etc

Have a look at the read me or just go give it a try

File size: 8kb

Coda Minify Plugin

Previously called Coda Code Compression Plugin

Whats new
Updated 28th April 2011
  • Now built in Xcode so its fast!
  • You can now strip html comments from your code

We knocked together this little plugin for Coda that allows you to quickly remove all the line ending's and tab's from your code. This reduces the file size and speed up the download process. Enjoy!

Requires OS X 10.5 and Coda

File size: 116kb

Host file updater

This little toy will automaticaly download a special kung-fu hosts file to defend your machine against nasty websites

For full details check the blog post that accompanies it here

Requires OS X 10.5+

File size: 100kb

Coda Text Tools

Text Tools lets you quickly add markup to an unformatted list of items.

I've also added the ability to automatically find and insert paragraph tags in the appropriate places when working with blocks of unformatted text.

Requires OS X 10.5 and PHP to be installed, and Coda

File size: 120kb

Minion Dock Icons

We let the Minions run wild and they have taken over Adium X, were so so sorry!

File size: 8kb

Coda md5 hash Plugin

Another super simple plugin for Coda but it comes in handy if for some reason you have to password protect a directory and need to put a .htaccess file together quickly.

Just select the string you wont to convert into an md5 hash and select the plugin from your menu.

Requires OS X 10.5 and PHP to be installed, oh, and Coda

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